2017 Angry Birds Space

2017 Angry Birds Space Game 

Get ready to join the global phenomenon of angry birds as it goes galactic. The Angry Birds Space is the fifth game of the angry birds' video games. This physics-based puzzle game is not only intriguing but also fun and enjoyable.

The goal of 2017 Angry Birds Space

With brand new birds and an extensive galaxy to explore, blast the birds into space. Take advantage of gravity to slingshot around the planets as you take out pesky pigs in the galaxy.

How to play 2017 Angry Birds Space

Unlike the previous models which had a flat stage, Angry Birds Space comprises of alien planets with different gravitational fields. This affects the trajectory force of the birds after launch. However, it has an amusing aiming system that makes it easy to aim the birds.

How to win 2017 Angry Birds Space

Winning Angry Birds Space is pretty simple and exciting. There are more than 300 interstellar levels crossing ten planets including own solar system. Win the challenge by creating proper launch balance dependent on the gravitational force on the specific planet. Destroy the pigs as you advance levels.

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